CDT Training Academy Committee meets in Manchester

The Training Committee in action.

The CDT Training Academy Committee met in Manchester University’s EPSRC CDT suite on Friday 27 March.

Chaired by Andy Aplin (Durham), the meeting provided an opportunity to review the training provision both in the form of a look back using feedback from the students on their experiences to date and a chance to plan and explore opportunities for the future.

The committee comprises John Underhill (CDT Lead), Lorna Morrow (CDT Manager), Anna Clark (CDT Training Academy Officer), Andy Bell (Shell) and Tony Doré (Statoil), who are the elected representatives of the Industry Advisory Board, Jonathan Redfern (Manchester) and Zoe Shipton (Strathclyde).

By meeting in Manchester to coincide with the CDT module on Extending the Life of Mature Basins, committee members were also able to meet with the students and gain further insights into the Training Programme.