PhD Projects 2019

University of Aberdeen

  • Calibrating Geothermometers: integrating field, laboratory and well data for appraising thermal maturation of organic matter (Supervisors: Dr D K Muirhead, Dr A T Brasier)
  • How responsive are coastal carbonate depositional systems to relative sea-level change? (Supervisors: Professor Rob Butler, Professor John Howell, Dr Rosanna Maniscalco (Univ. Catania) and Dr Agata di Stefano (Univ. Catania))

University of Exeter

  • A fully coupled XFEM model for hydraulic fracturing in multi-phase porous media. (Supervisors: Professor Akbar Javadi, Professor John Coggan)

Imperial College London

  • Pushing Mature Basins into the AI revolution: Using Neural Networks to Extract Quantitative Information from Core and Thin Section Images. (Supervisors: Dr Cedric John, Professor Olivier Dubrule)
  • Pore scale modelling of foam flow in porous media. (Supervisors: Professor Stephen Neethling, Dr Paul Grassia (University of Strathclyde), Dr Pablo Brito-Parada)

University of Strathclyde

  • Constraining the role of faults as seal-bypass systems. (Supervisors: Professor Zoe Shipton, Dr Becky Lunn, Liz Petrie (Western State University), Jim Evans (Utah State University), Davie Richie (Anadarko))