Management Committee


The Management Committee is the primary management decision-making body of the NERC CDT in Oil & Gas. It receives reports from all other CDT Committees and approves the actions of these other Committees. It may ask for further clarification or amendments to actions or policies submitted by other CDT Committees.

Committee membership comprises a single representative from each of the CDT core academic partners, a single representative on behalf of all CDT associate academic partners, the Chair of the Industry Advisory Board and a single representative from NERC.

The Committee should meet, either in person or by conference call/email, at least twice per annum.

A written agenda and minutes should be produced and published on the restricted Members’ Area of the NERC CDT in Oil & Gas website. All members of the other CDT Committees should have the opportunity to propose items for the Committee’s agenda, which should be published at least a week in advance of the relevant meeting.


  • John Underhill (HWU)


  • Andy Aplin (Durham)
  • Rob Butler (Aberdeen)
  • Stu Clarke (Keele) Associate Partner representative
  • Al Fraser (Imperial)
  • Jonathan Redfern (Manchester)
  • Chair of IAB
  • NERC representative

Meeting minutes