Industry Advisory Board

Composition and purpose of the Board

The Industry Advisory Board comprises a single representative from each of the industrial organisations sponsoring the CDT Training Academy programme through annual subscription and the CDT Academic Director.

The Industry Advisory Board is a key link for other CDT Committees to the oil & gas sector and provides advice and direction to those Committees. The Board’s primary purpose is to oversee and safeguard its members’ investment in the Training Academy programme in particular, but also to offer suggestions on the strategic direction of CDT research themes and further development of the CDT model.


  • Peter Bentham (BP)


  • Husnein Ahmed (Total)
  • Andy Bell (Shell)
  • Anne Constant (Cairn Energy)
  • Andy Henery (Chrysaor)
  • Russell Reekie (Verus Petroleum)
  • Andy Robinson (Equinor)
  • Christian Thomas (ExxonMobil)
  • John Underhill (Heriot-Watt University)

Meeting minutes