Graduate Committee


The NERC CDT Graduate Committee, along with the student feedback surveys completed after each Training Academy residential course/field trip/activity, provides an official forum for CDT students to discuss their experience of the CDT with representatives of the core and associate partners. It acts as a consultative body to facilitate constructive contributions to the functioning of the CDT. This covers both the research projects and the CDT Training Academy activities and the balance between them. It provides a mechanism for information to flow between students and the various NERC CDT Committees, in particular the Management Committee, Training Academy Committee and the Industry Advisory Board.

Terms of Reference

The Co-Chairs are taken from the CDT core and associate academic partners respectively with a minimum of 4 student members, at least two from each year’s entry cohort. Student representatives are elected by their peer cohort and are expected to serve for up to three years. The composition of student representation should, as far as is possible, achieve a reasonable gender and project theme balance. At least one student representative for a cohort must be registered at an associate partner university.

The Committee should meet, either in person at least once per annum but additional meetings may be convened by email/Skype as required. Where possible, meetings coincide with Training Academy residential courses to ensure maximum attendance. A written agenda and minutes are produced and published on the restricted Members’ Area of the NERC CDT in Oil & Gas website. All members of the student body have the opportunity to propose items for the Committee’s agenda, which should be published at least a week in advance of the relevant meeting.

The Committee will seek and encourage consultation on the structure, aims, learning objectives, content and facilities for the Training Academy provision and will foster better understanding between supervisors, students and staff. The Committee can consider proposals for new courses, teaching formats and methods used for obtaining student feedback on teaching, research and the administration of the CDT.

The minutes/reports on action from the Graduate Committee will be standing items for review on the agendas of all other NERC CDT Committees and Graduate Committee members can request to attend meetings of the other CDT Committees to speak to any item from the minute of their meetings.


  • Stuart Clarke (Keele)
  • Nick Schofield (Aberdeen)

Current Membership

  • Charlotte Beasley (Exeter – 2016 cohort)
  • Chris Brennan (Royal Holloway – 2017 cohort)
  • Laura Duran (Heriot-Watt – 2015 cohort)
  • Pavlos Farangitakis (Durham – 2016 cohort)
  • Denis Fraga (Imperial, 2018)
  • Tom Gibson (Exeter, 2018)
  • Michael Lacey (Manchester – 2015 cohort)
  • Jack Lee (Durham – 2017 cohort)
  • Christina Nikolova (Heriot-Watt – 2016 cohort)
  • Jack Richardson (Birmingham – 2015 cohort)
  • Jonathan Wilkin (Dundee, 2018)

Meeting minutes