Awards Committee


This committee meets by conference call and email as often as necessary in September/October each year to assess and approve the PhD project title submissions from all academic partners in order to determine the final project listing for recruitment to the following year’s cohort. No formal minute is taken of the meeting, but the table below gives the spreadsheet of all projects considered by the panel, together with abbreviated comments and whether the project was approved for recruitment or not.

The final project listing for the next year’s intake is announced at the CDT Annual Conference in the preceding year i.e. projects for entry in October 2016 were announced at the CDT Annual Conference held on 2nd November 2015.


  • Keith Gerdes (Shell, retired/independent)

Membership (2021)

  • Alan Roberts (Badley Geoscience)
  • Jennifer Scott (Shell)
  • Dave Waters (Director, Paetoro Consulting UK)
  • Hamish Wilson (Co-founder, BluEnergy)

Meeting minutes