We are delighted to announce that the CDT model and training program will continue as a result of a £2.5 million funding award. The CDT will be re-purposed to face Geoscience and its place in the Low Carbon Energy Transition and be enrolling new PhD students in September 2020:


More details about the CDT's evolution and new mission can be obtained by reading the following:


The new project titles at participating HEIs will be advertised at the Geological Society Careers Day to be held at Burlington House on Wednesday 19th February 2020, details of which can be obtained here:


The new PhD project titles can also be found here:


The 4 year CDT studentship will cover the UK standard tuition fee and stipend as set by UK Research & Innovation (the government-funded UK Research Councils body), as well as provide a Research Training and Support Grant (RTSG) of £20k over 4 years to successful applicants. Academic partners will also be providing matched-funding for these studentships and this may provide an opportunity for overseas candidates to apply. If you are an overseas applicant, please check first with the university or universities hosting projects you are interested in to find out whether the difference between the UK and overseas tuition fees is also funded.

Please also be aware that NERC also collects anonymised personal data from application forms as per the UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) Privacy Notice and UKRI Training Grant Terms & Conditions