The Training Academy consists of 20-weeks of bespoke one or two week-long modules delivered by academic, governmental and industry experts from the Earth, Environment and Applied Business sectors covering the 4 main themes identified by NERC in the original call as well as additional ones of direct relevance to the Oil & Gas sector. The training will be in the form of a pyramid with 10 weeks in year one, 5 in year two and a further 5 in year three.  Courses in year one of the PhD programme are mandatory, with optionality being introduced in years 2 and 3 with students choosing 2 or 3 weeks of courses which can complement and inform their PhD study and/or to develop their CV to cover a wider range of topics and disciplines relevant to the oil & gas sector.  

Our partnership has the added luxury of selecting best-in-class from the pick of the current industry professional development and MSc courses in relevant Oil & Gas Disciplines including those in Petroleum Geoscience at Aberdeen, Heriot-Watt, Imperial College, Manchester & Royal Holloway and the Applied & Petroleum Micropalaeontology MSc at Birmingham amongst others. The aim is not to replicate existing provision, however, but to build an academy which complements the current Masters programmes and company in-house training that industry recruits will subsequently receive.

The Training Academy holds an annual conference at which the PhD students will present the results of their research to date. Oil industry sponsors will be cordially invited to attend the event, which will showcase the best academic research in the field of oil and gas. The conference will provide a great opportunity for interaction with individual students and their supervisors and hence, provide a chance to identify research links and new projects as well as recruitment opportunities.